Guide on Legal Responsibility for the Lift Owners or 'Duty Holders'.

01 October 2021 / posted on website in Surveys & Legal Requirements, Guidance for Lift owners.
Source:- SAFed guidance on the Lift owners or 'Duty Holders' responsibilities for the safe operation of lifts, escalators and similar products.
Also refer to the Leia booklet - please contact us for further details.

Lift Owner or 'Duty Holder'

The owner or duty holder is a person designated responsible for the safe and suitable operation of The Lift. It would normally be a 'facilities Manager' or supervisor, but could also be a 'tenant's association in a residential block or other such organisation responsible for ensuring the (funding for) safety of The Lift. The owner of the property in which the lift is situated would normally be responsible if no such other person or group had been appointed.

Duty of Care - General

Everyone has a responsibility to take reasonable steps to avoid acts or omissions, which would be foreseeable as injuring other persons. Lift owners or duty holders have a specific responsibility to ensure the safety of others, while using the lift. In particular they are responsible for the safe use of The Lift, which includes its safe operation, condition (maintenance) and compliance with relevant statutory requirements.

They may be required to explain to the authorities how these responsibilities have been discharged. This is usually by way of providing evidence of a regular servicing and maintenance regime together with a record of periodic thorough examination by a competent person. The duty holder is responsible for ensuring the person undertaking the examination is competent. SAFed member companies train, underwright and only employ competent persons to carry out thorough examinations in a safe manner and are accredited to do this by sole government recognised accreditation body the United Kingdom Accreditation Service - (ACAS).


All lifts are subject to the Health and Safety at Work Act, notably Regulations pertaining to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER). SAFed recommends that all lifts should be subject to an effective servicing regime and thorough examination by competent person. Records of servicing and maintenance together with our examination report should be kept and provided to the regular regulatory authorities (HSE/Local Authorities) when requested. Any actions required by the thorough examination report should be completed as soon as possible before the time specified on the report. Where a dangerous defect has been detected requiring immediate cessation of work, the lift should not be used until the defect has been rectified and The Lift declared safe to use.


Further information, including the role and specific responsibilities of Lift owners and lift duty holders, can be gained from the HSE website: Further guidance is also provided by The Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA) at

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